Community Groups

Let’s face it, the trend of today’s culture continues to focus more on the individual than the group. The busier we become the less time we seem to have for real friendships.   Community groups exist for the purpose of nurturing the relational and spiritual need we all have for authentic community.

An important step in anyone’s spiritual journey is to participate in a group ministry. Meeting in homes around the region, Community Groups provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere to build relationships while also helping people grow in their faith journey. Get ready to experience real community; you might even have some fun in the process!

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Nurture & nature - Women's ministry group

Lead by Hilary Devlin & Jenn Hoffman

An event-based group to connect and engage relationships among women the women at Bridge in ways that encourage, support, and learn from each other while having fun!  

We plan to draw out the wisdom and experience of all generations and levels of maturity for others to glean from and resource in their own relationships. 
The goal is to meet monthly, whether it be for an event, meeting, or casual gathering at someone's house.  

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